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Simple Marketing for Healthcare Providers

If you are interested in how you can use simple marketing strategies to grow and develop your health care practice, you may want to look at Social Media as a tool to assist you in this process. Lee Aaseis the Communications Manager for the Mayo Clinic and Chancellor of SMUG, Social Media University, Global where his passion for what social media tools make possible knows how to use the social media to your advantage.

Social media represents a vehicle for taking advantage of opportunities.  You don’t need to be a genius and it’s not hard to do.  Get comfortable with social media tools.  Figure out how they work.  These are low cost tools and, if used effectively, can help you achieve results.  It costs little to nothing to use social media platforms, but you do need to develop expertise and experience to use those tools effectively. 

The Internet is rapidly becoming the medium by which people access healthcare information.  Currently 83% of Internet user search online for health information. 

The Mayo Clinic has been using social media to get its message out to the public.  It set up a Facebook page in November 2007, a  YouTube Channeland the  Twitter– at first purely as a defensive move with an RSS feed of news releases and then as a more interactive and engaging platform in 2/2009 when Lee Aase discovered TweetDeck

Mayo Clinic also has a  Newsroomwhere it can pitch content on a password – protected basis to journals prior to releasing news on key research, and a multitude of blogs to communicate with.  For example, is where the Mayo Clinic can feature stories about and by patients and employees.  One video, created by a patient, features a 90 year old couple performing a piano duet from the Mayo Clinic Atrium; it recently went viral and I bet many of you will recognize it, click on this link to see Mayo Clinic atrium piano, charming older couple….

Social Media is here to stay.  If your organization starts to use social media tools in its healthcare practice, you will be ahead of the competition and be able to grow and develop your practice more effectively. and is commited to keeping healthcare providers informed on healthcare issues, healthcare compliance and enforcement.

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